Subtle Body/Creative Proces

Subtle Body/Creative Process

In the sixties, a strange phenomenon appeared amongst children between the ages of 9 and 11 years who had watched, on television, Uri Gellar bend metal spoons using only his mind.  These children would go to their kitchens and procure a piece of stainless steel flatware and bend it by exercising the particular focus of mind they had witnessed on the television.  In pre-teens there is already evidence of a change in the nature and power of the mind.  The maturing mind can effect physical matter and alter it in relation to us.  Bending spoons, walking on hot coals without getting burned or even sleeping on a bed of nails are not useful life skills, in particular, but they are evidence that the adolescent and ultimately, adult mind is more powerful and open to more possibilities than the mind of a child.

What opens up at adolescence is the awareness of and readiness to participate in the power of the subtle body.  This body contains the blueprint for our development and our physical bodies are given form through it, although, as children, we can not be aware of this as experience.  As children, we identify with the physical world entirely and go through the developmental stages of learning that Piaget and others have pretty much defined.

My knowledge about the subtle body is pretty sketchy, my experience is a little better and I think I have always been aware of it, feeling it as an emotional pressure inside me, telling me that I was ignoring the most important things.

Most adults remember the energy and anticipation that they felt in their later teen years, a feeling that they were entering into something wonderful and powerful that included but was more than their awakening sexuality, something that(for us in the Western world) did not really continue to develop as we aged.  If there had been adult models who functioned in and from this power, if there had been information or any education about that significant change of consciousness that we are all prepared for in adolescence, we, as adults would have consciously taken our place as participants in the Creative Process.



About pureprocess

I am an ceramic artist studying Post Traumatic Stress Resolution. I use the same creative Process to participate in both disciplines and it continuously unfolds beauty and wisdom whether in a clay pot or in a healed heart.
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